Friday, January 29, 2010

spring into paris, vogue.

vogue paris  february 2010 issue
spring spring spring; can not wait for all the pastels, florals, and warm weather. yesterday was by far the coldest day here in michigan, but id rather actually have seasons then be stuck in mellowed weather.


a wonderland treat

how adorably delicious do this mini cupcakes look? im thinking valentines idea for my booboo??

Thursday, January 28, 2010

lola, you stole my heart

marc by marc jacobs lola; just one more reason why i am studying packaging. after seeing this beauty released in august i knew i had to have it, even before taking a little wiff. welp, even though it isn't my favorite fragrance im glad to say that it is finally part of my collection

christian dior

      dior couture ss2010 is dead on for a collection to resemble my personality ( im back; it has been way to long but with finals, the holidays, and other personal things i had to take a step back from the blog)