Saturday, October 31, 2009

Misssssssoniiiiiiiii Fall 09

I've never been a diehard Missoni fan, but Angela; you sure outdid yourself this season. Time for some knitting lessons, I NEED one of those scarfs, I'm thinking they're the better alternative to the "snuggie"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to Atlanta where the players play

atlanta de cadenet may quite possibly be the most
 unique gal ive laid eyes on in awhile.
deffinetly my new style/beauty icon,
 she is absolutely stunning; and i
absolutely adore her pink lipstick; m-a-c trip tomorrow?

All Hallows Eve Begins

Halloweenieeee; my dog Brady is honestly the most precious dog ever, he is absolutely wonderful! He makes quite the cute pumpkin, don't you think?

Vogue Nippon - November 2009 - Girl of the Golden Field - Daria Werbowy (NSFW)

oh daria, you never fail us. that green poncho needs to magically appear in my closet, now. 
so envious of those natural locks, her bronzed skin, oh and did i mention her hot bod too? gawd woman.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Drawn to the fragile legs you walk on

Fleet Foxes- English House

Shoe stopper, shoe shoe stopperrrrrr

Shoe of the week:
Chloe Leather lace-up wedge boots

i honestly cant stop looking at them, they are brilliant.
image courtesy to polyvore.
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Fair Trade

So theres this cute little shop on Grand River Ave in East Lansing called La Bodega, and the moment i stepped inside i fell head under. From the incense to the knitted gloves, the belly dancing sarongs, and the jewelry. Nothing is over $15, and above are just two of the treasures i left with.
The first is a neat necklaceish scarf piece( its knotted up, sorry loves), and above is a barrette, yeah i know im channeling my 12 year old girl, but i couldnt resist, i mean look at it. Here is the website, which i have yet to look at! Orchird Lane

The student becomes the teacher

       So, I caved. After months of habitual blog-following i have decided to create my own little devil. I simply adore art and fashion and have a nack for crafting and attempting my own DIY's. In my dearest effort to add another fashion blog to the lists of my favorites, i hope to educate and drown you all in more fashion craves, and couture candy. Enjoy!
                                                                            xo aly


Completely loving these truly affordable beauties from Forever21, sorry Regina George, but these vests are deffinetly not disgusting, well maybe that bow is.