Tuesday, December 8, 2009

chanel iman loves pink

chanel iman, stole the show at vsfs 09, she is absolutely beautiful. that skin, that hair, those legs!
 i know i'm a little late with new postings, but exams, finals, and studying have taken over my life the past month! but, an entire month of rest begins next wednesday! thank the lord.

Chanel, My True Love

Chanel. Is there really anything more for me to say after those sacred 6 letters? NYE is just around the corner and since i will be in Chicago, i feel the need to celebrate the new year in the best way i see fit, in Chanel. ( if only it was a reality)

Peppermint Love

After seeing Emily's post here and the recipe for these delicious treats over here, i had to give them a try. I absolutely love peppermint and during the holidays it is my go to flavor. The recipe calls for a square cookie cutter but i opted for a candy cane shape given the time of year. Delicious!